prestation DJ particulier entreprise

And music is the very good way to do that !

Whether you’re relaxing at a late afternoon cocktail or you’re about to jump on the dancefloor and get the party started, you always need a true professionnal to make sure the music broadcast will meet your expectations in terms of timing and selection.

After years of experience in both coporate and private environements, we provide a full expertise for your event on the gear you’ll need (Sono and lightning) and the kind of music you want (Weddings, anniversary, works council…).

We usually do a video interview through internet (skype or hangouts) so we can discuss about your event wherever you’re in the world. After setting together the timing and the “high points”, we talk about your guests, your venue, the music you like and dislike in order to provide a true sur-mesure solution from song one to the break of dawn.

As a true chef d’orchestre, our professionnal Djs always keep in step and make sure the timing is respected throughout the party.

We’re located in Montpellier - South of France but we often play in place such as St tropez or London.

WIth one foot in the genuine Disc Jockey on Vinyl era and the other in the 21th century, SmartMYsound brings you the best of both worlds.

Smart Dj numérique

Request for an estimate :

All our quotes are made after a first interview.

Tell us by mail where is the venue location, the nature of your event ( Wedding, Birthday party, company events…) the planned day as well as the number of your guest. We’ll then make contact with you ASAP to discuss your budget and your wishes.

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